Sentence Examples with the word buttressed

The whole precinct is surrounded by a strong buttressed wall (XXX), pierced with arches, FIG.

Such foresight had its reward, the more because it was buttressed during the debates of the Convention by the same readiness in debate, the same clear recognition of essentials, the same natural disposition towards compromise on details, and the same quickness in producing verbal formulae, as Smuts had already shown in the Transvaal Parliament.

The government barrack is a rather imposing structure in the middle of the town, as is the cathedral church to the east, built of stone and buttressed with brick.

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The present entrance is by a gateway buttressed by alabaster shafts, one of which, 7 5 ft.

To the outside it presents a heavy buttressed wall, with little of either grandeur or grace.

On the south the plateau is buttressed by the Taurus range, which stretches in a broken irregular line from the Aegean to the Persian frontier.

Thus the Himalaya represents the southern face of the great central upheaval - the plateau of Tibet - the northern face of which is buttressed by the Kuen Lun.