Sentence Examples with the word butte

Extensive deposits are mined in the United States, particularly at Butte in Montana, and in Namaqualand, South Africa.

Of growing importance are the gems found in California: a few diamonds in Butte county; rock crystal in Calaveras county; and tourmalines, kunzite, the rare pink beryl and bright blue topazes in San Diego county.

Very generally, especially in the butte regions, the country lends itself to the impounding of surface water.

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The first railway was the Oregon Short Line, which was completed by the Union Pacific Company from Ogden, Utah, to Butte in 1881.

Middle Butte (400 ft.

In the region between the Northern and Southern Rockies, the plains are interrupted by minor Mountain groups, volcanic buttes and lava flows, among which the Leucite Hills and Pilot Butte are prominent examples.