Sentence Examples with the word busy

Now, these naughty fairies were so busy and so merry over their frolic that they forgot all about their errand and their master's command to go quickly, but soon they found to their dismay why they had been bidden to hasten, for although they had, as they supposed, hidden the treasure carefully, yet the bright eyes of King Sun had spied out the jars among the leaves, and as he and King Frost could never agree as to what was the best way of benefiting the world, he was very glad of a good opportunity of playing a joke upon his rather sharp rival.

Far from changing his mind about the inheritance or feeling competitive with a possible new heir, he was busy giving Felipa a boost into the position his father had coveted for his only son.

She slept fitfully between her busy thoughts, sheer exhaustion claiming her in spurts.

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If you're too busy to take her on the honeymoon, let me know.

I been meaning to tell you about 'em but it's been so busy around here it slipped my mind.

In the first deaf school Miss Sullivan ever visited, the teacher was busy at the blackboard telling the children by written words something they did not want to know, while they were crowding round their visitor with wide-awake curiosity, showing there were a thousand things they did want to know.

Day after day the Harbor, the warships, and the park kept us busy thinking and feeling and enjoying....

On all sides, the hussars were busy with the dragoons; one was wounded, but though his face was bleeding, he would not give up his horse; another was perched up behind an hussar with his arms round him; a third was being helped by an hussar to mount his horse.

As his official duties made no great demands on his time, he had abundant leisure to devote to his favourite studies, - the antiquities and topography of Scotland having thenceforth special attractions for his busy pen.

At busy stations separate tracks are sometimes appropriated to the use of light engines and empty trains, on which they may be run between the platforms and the locomotive and Loco- carriage depots.