Sentence Examples with the word busted

I had my foot in the door and he darn near busted it, all the time saying his wife had a big mouth and didn't know what she was talking about.

Hand brake's been busted for ages.

Then I busted his chops how he wouldn't be able to, I don't know, relate.

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As it was, he busted her lip and left her ears ringing.

It was white and busted on the top.

I guess it wouldn't help the election none to get busted for 'trespassing' either way, but it sure is tedious not knowing what's happening.

She was a different person, different from the Lydia Larkin who'd busted him for speeding and far different from the frightened girl who reluctantly descended to the wreck.

God, now I've gone and busted the Governor.

I got thinking if his head was busted, then maybe somebody busted it for him and got away with it.

I was there when they busted my ma.