Sentence Examples with the word burnside

On the eve of an aggressive movement, which he was at last about to make, he was superseded by Burnside (Nov.

The repulse of Burnside ended the battle.

General Burnside recommended him for promotion to the rank of major-general U.S.V., which was not however awarded to Humphreys until after Gettysburg.

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In Virginia Burnside had made, in January 1863, an attempt to gain by manoeuvre what he had missed in battle.

A Federal general could retain his hold on the men after a reverse, but not after a farce: Burnside was replaced by General Joseph Hooker, who had a splendid reputation as a subordinate leader.

When Burnside fought his battle of Fredericksburg (q.v.) an appalling reverse was the result, the more terrible as it was absolutely useless (December 13).

On the 21st of May, with extraordinary pertinacity, he sent Meade and Burnside once more against the inner flank of the Army of northern Virginia.

At last Burnside moved forward, and, after a brilliant defence by the handful of men left to oppose him, forced the Antietam and began to roll up Lee's right, only to be attacked in rear himself by A.