Sentence Examples with the word burning

The drying of the slurry is generally effected by the waste heat of the kilns, so that while one charge is burning another is drying ready for the next loading of the kilns.

Moreover, the great contributions levied by Napoleon on the city, the plundering of its bank by Davoust, and the burning of its prosperous suburbs inflicted wounds from which the city but slowly recovered.

Her whole body was burning up with something she never, ever expected to feel for a demon: need.

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These are still largely used, and are prepared by burning limestones containing clayey matter.

Pain roared through her, and she sought both to shield her eyes from a crystal chandelier blinding her and to grab her burning leg.

In May 1521 Wolsey attended a pompous burning of Lutheran tracts in St Paul's churchyard, where Bishop Fisher preached ardently against the new German heresy.

It slammed the creature onto a broken piece of burning word.

The earliest mention, however, of this burning of Haman in effigy cannot be traced back earlier than the Talmud in the 5th century.

When the Sons of Liberty, a society composed largely of unfranchised mechanics and artisans of New York City, which began to dominate the movement immediately after the Congress adjourned, resorted to mob violence - destroying property and burning in effigy the governor and other officers - the propertied classes drew back, and a few years later the popular or patriot party lost its control of the assembly.

Devoting himself to the elaboration of his scheme, Comenius settled first at Elbing, and then at Lissa; but, at the burning of the latter city by the Poles, he lost nearly all his manuscripts, and he finally removed to Amsterdam, where he died in 1671.