Sentence Examples with the word burned

He plundered cities, he burned towns, he destroyed thousands of lives.

In New South Wales the body is often burned and the ashes buried.

In Bali near Java, where the Naga-cult flourishes, a serpent is carried at the funeral ceremonies of the Kshatriya caste and burned with the corpse.

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Bands of guerrillas burned and plundered in some sections, and were not entirely suppressed until after the war was ended.

The stormcloud had come upon them, and in every face the fire which Pierre had watched kindle burned up brightly.

My match burned my fingertips before I shook it out.

Arica was captured, looted and burned by the Chileans in 1880, and in accordance with the terms of the treaty of Ancon (1883) should have been returned to Peru in 1894, but this was not done.

I burned this to prove my love for her.

Anger burned in her blood.

They filled newspapers with articles denouncing it, wrote virulent pamphlets against it, and burned Jay in effigy.