Sentence Examples with the word bur

Most of the forest consists of yellow pine, but the spruce, aspen, white birch, bur oak, box elder, red cedar, white elm and cottonwood are among the other varieties found.

Its buildings, arranged around Under the Commonwealth Richard Bennett (elected by General Assembly)1652-1655Edward Digges (elected by House of Burgesses)1655-1657Samuel Mathews (elected by House of Bur gesses).1657-1660Under the Crown Sir William Berkeley, Governor.1660-1677Francis Morrison (or Moryson), Deputy Governor.

Many trees of the eastern forest, such as basswood, sugar, river and red maple, red, white and black ash, red and rock elm, black and bur oak, white and red pine and red cedar find their western limit here.

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The cedar-wood of Guiana, used for making canoes, is a species of the natural order Bur seraceae, Icica altissima.

The south-western shore is generally low, with sand hills covered with shrivelled pines and bur oaks.

Those persons who possess in a county the same county ualification as bur esses must have in a borou h qua g g, and are registered.