Sentence Examples with the word buoyancy

The body is in equilibrium under two forces: - (i.) its weight W acting vertically downward body, and (ii.) the buoyancy of the of the displaced fluid, and acting B, the C.G.

To the quantity of solid matter suspended in its water the Dead Sea owes, beside its saltness, its buoyancy and its poisonous properties.

The needs for these are obvious - buoyancy in water and resistance to wetting for the first, some form of parachute for the second, and some attaching mechanism or attractive structure for the third.

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This explains how the wing furnishes a persistent buoyancy alike when it rises and when it falls (fig.

There are days when the close attention I must give to details chafes my spirit, and the thought that I must spend hours reading a few chapters, while in the world without other girls are laughing and singing and dancing, makes me rebellious; but I soon recover my buoyancy and laugh the discontent out of my heart.

The drill is thus allowed to fall freely, instead of being partly upheld by the buoyancy of the water, as in earlier wells.

It is worse; for you cannot sit motionless in the heart of these perils, because the boat is rocking like a cradle, and you are pitched one way and the other, without the slightest warning; and only by a certain self-adjusting buoyancy and simultaneousness of volition and action, can you escape being made a Mazeppa of, and run away with where the all-seeing sun himself could never pierce you out.

Similarly in the case of the weighing in water, account must be taken of the buoyancy of the weights, and also, if absolute densities be required, of the density of water at the temperature of the experiment.

It is well to have some water in your neighborhood, to give buoyancy to and float the earth.

Neglecting the very small buoyancy of the vapour, the hydrostatic pressure P at the foot of the column of solution is h g p where h is the height of the column and p the mean density of the solution.