Sentence Examples with the word bunk

She'd never had an opinion of bunk beds until this moment.

You would almost as soon have expected him to turn out of his bunk without his nose as without his pipe.

Donnie can bunk in our office.

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If I tell you we'll be bunk mates.

They've got a bunk in the back room of the restaurant where he washes dishes.

For an extra few Euros, the hostel manager gave her a clean though worn sleeping bag that matched the clean but worn bunk beds in the women's section.

She returned to her bunk and lay down, cold fear filling her.

No separate room needed, I'll bunk with deceiving Mr. Donald Ryland and make sure that hissy butch doesn't jump his bones or she'll land on me.

She sat on her bunk while Lankha climbed atop his.

She awoke on the lower bunk bed in a prison cell with no windows and a tiny metal toilet and sink.