Sentence Examples with the word bullying

Even the Italian peasant is said occasionally to offer both abuse and physical violence to the image of a recalcitrant saint; and antiquity wondered at the bullying manner of the Egyptians towards their gods (cf.

After trying the effect of bullying without success, the dey made a treaty, and Keppel returned in 1751.

No bullying of the innocent is allowed and it is encouraged to take up the cudgels to uphold justice and truth.

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By this time O'Connell had attained a position of great eminence in the House of Commons: as a debater he stood in the very first rank, though he had entered St Stephen's after fifty; and his oratory, massive and strong in argument, although too often scurrilous and coarse, and marred by a bearing in which cringing flattery and rude bullying were strangely blended, made a powerful, if not a pleasing, impression.

Whatever constitutes bullying in the academic context should also be developed and publicized.

Andre had taken Rhyn in when he was five and he fled his bullying brothers when he was ten.