Sentence Examples with the word bullock

It was somewhat similar in design to the Bullock press, so far as the printing apparatus was concerned, except that the cylinders were all of one size and placed one above the other.

It has been proved at the Christmas fat stock shows that the older a bullock gets the less will he gain in weight per day as a result of the feeding.

These presses were not at first reliable in working, especially in the cutting and delivery of the sheets after printing, but were finally so far improved that the Bullock press came into quite general use.

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These seeds are for the most part pressed in India either in bullock presses or in oil-mills.

L Bullock also says (p. 354) that the altar in the church of the Indian village of S.

Rufus Brown Bullock (b.

On these roads large use is made of bullock wagons, as well as carts drawn by men, and women also.

According to early writers the framework was covered with horse or bullock hide (corium).