Sentence Examples with the word bulletin

Soc., London); Bulletin des resultats acquis pendant les courses periodiques (Conseil permanent international pour l'exploration de la mer) (Copenhagen, 1902 seq.).

Piper, The Nevada Mouse Plague of1907-1908 (Washington, 2909), Farmers' Bulletin 352, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

This review contains studies in preparation for the continuation and remoulding of the Acta Sanctorum, inedited texts, dissertations, and, since 1892, a Bulletin des publications hagiographiques, containing criticisms of recent works on hagiographic questions.

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Among the daily newspapers the San Francisco Examiner (IndependentDemocratic, 1865), the Chronicle (Republican, 1865), the Call (Republican, 1856) and the San Francisco Bulletin (IndependentRepublican, 1855) are chiefly important.

See also United States Geological Survey, Bulletin 192 (1902), H.

His Statistique Internationale des grandes villes and Bulletin annuel des finances des grandes villes give valuable comparative data.

Bulletin 301) of the U.S. Geological Survey; Annual Reports of the Bureau of Agriculture, Labor and Industry of the State of Montana; Samuel Fortier, Irrigation in Montana (Washington, 1906), being Bulletin No.

Important works of reference are: Anuario estadistico de la Republica Mexicana (Mexico); Mexican Year-book (London, 1908); Biological and botanical publications of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (Washington); Statesman's Year-book (London); Handbook of Mexico (Washington), published by the Bureau of American Republics; Monthly Bulletin of the Bureau of American Republics (Washington); British Foreign Office Diplomatic and Consular Reports (London); and the U.S. Consular Reports (Washington).

Du Comite des travaux historiques (1885), pp. 121 and 150; Revue archeologique (1884 and 1897); Bulletin des antiquites africaines (1884 and 1885); Bulletin de la Societe archeologique de Sousse (first published in 1903); Atlas archeol.

On soil and agriculture, see Biennial Reports (Topeka, 1877 seq.) of the State Board of Agriculture; Experiment Station Bulletin of the Kansas Agricultural College (Manhattan); and statistics in the United States Statistical Abstract (annual, Washington), and Federal Census reports.