Sentence Examples with the word bulk

Occasionally these translations were copied for circulation among officials, but the bulk of the people knew nothing of them.

Wild, salt and prairie grasses make up the bulk of the forage acreage, but the cultivated crops - especially millet and Hungarian grasses and alfalfa - are more important.

It may be stated once for all that flying creatures are for the most part as heavy, bulk for bulk, as other animals, and that flight in every instance is the product, not of superior levity, but of weight and power directed upon properly constructed flying organs.

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The bulk of the Malagasy Christians are Protestants, probably three-fourths or four-fifths of those professing Christianity.

The bulk of the population are Finns (2,352,990 in 1904) and Swedes (349,733).

In the Joplin mining region a considerable amount of ores is smelted, but the bulk of the ores is sent into Kansas for smelting.

With the exception of the chameleon, all drag their body over the ground, the limbs being wide apart, turned outwards and relatively to the bulk of the body generally weak.

But the smallness of the single city-states and their unwillingness to combine prevented this superiority in quality from telling destructively upon the bulk of the Persian empire.

And the Church policy, as old as the times of Constantine, to crush utterly the man who brings more problems and pressure than the bulk of traditional Christians can, at the time, either digest or resist with a fair discrimination, seemed to the authorities the one means to save the very difficult situation.

You're just not up to your usual detective-sharpness so I'm taking on the bulk of this here investigation.