Sentence Examples with the word bulge

The trachea or windpipe is strengthened by numerous cartilaginous, often osseous, complete rings, but in the emeu several of these rings are incomplete in the medioventral line, and permit the inner lining of the trachea to bulge out into a large neck-pouch, which is used by both sexes as a resounding bag.

She tucked the small box into her jeans pocket and covered the bulge with her sweater, ducking into the bathroom to hide it before rejoining Ully for their small lunch.

They bulge in the neighborhood of the very thin cross-wall.

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His muscles didn't bulge like a body builder.

He leaned forward but strain as he might, the overhanging bulge at the top of the cliff prevented him from seeing the source of the activity.

Every bowl must have a certain amount of bias, which was formerly obtained by loading one side with lead, but is now imparted by the turner making one side more convex than the other, the bulge showing the side of the bias.

Dean reached in the car, pointing, scarcely an inch from a bulge beneath Alfred's shoulder, causing him to pull away.

His cargo pants lay on the bed beside him, and she saw the bulge where her micro was stored.

The volumes positively bulge with information and contain much acute criticism, but their value is diminished by frequent and needless digressions and by the fantastic theorizings of their author, a militant Positivist.

About iroo the conical mitre begins to give place to a round one; a band of embroidery is next set over the top from back to front, which tends to bulge up the soft material on either side; and these bulges develop into points or horns.