Sentence Examples with the word buganda

The Buganda Christians 1885 showed heroism, and in spite of tortures and death the religion spread rapidly.

Graphite is present in Buganda and Unyoro.

Seeing that the situation in Buganda was impossible unless they had a strong central force, which the company could not provide, Lugard and Williams had formed the idea of enlisting the Sudanese who had been left by Emin and Stanley at the south end of the Albert Lake.

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General Gordon, who succeeded Baker, and who had Dr Emin Bey (afterwards Emin Pasha) as lieutenant, attempted through Colonel Charles Chaille Long, in 1874, not only to annex Unyoro but also Buganda to the Egyptian dominions, and thoroughly established Egyptian control on Albert Nyanza.

In May 1889 Mwanga, aided by the trader Charles Stokes, approached Buganda by water, and after several bloody battles captured the capital, but shortly afterwards was again defeated, and Kalema and the Ba-Islamu reoccupied Mengo (the native capital).

Captains Burton and Speke, on their Tanganyika expedition, heard of Buganda from the Arab traders in 1857.

The alpine vegetation on all these lofty mountains is of a mixed Cape and Abyssinian character - witch-hazels, senecios, lobelias, kniphofias, everlasting flowers, tree heaths and hypericums. The really tropical vegetation of Buganda is nearly identical with that of West Africa, but there is no oil-palm.