Sentence Examples with the word budge

While the others moved cautiously to the bridge, enthralled by the scene in both directions, Edith refused to budge any further.

Wallis Budge (1896, 2 vols., with English translation); the Syriac text of pseudo-Callisthenes by Budge (Cambridge, 1889); cp. K.

But it was impossible to make the Cossacks budge when once they had got booty and prisoners.

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Dr Wallis Budge visited several of the far southern sites and made some tentative excavations, but no extensive explorations were undertaken until an unexpected event produced a sudden outburst of activity.

Unlike her former lovers, he was a man of masterful will, a budge philosopher who carried her intellect by storm before he laid siege to her heart.

Who's that been dropping an anchor overboard--we don't budge an inch--we're becalmed.

Wallis Budge (British Museum, 1909); F.

When Fred gets stubborn, neither crowbars nor kind words are going to budge him.

He sensed she wasn't going to budge this time and relented.

Of the excellence of his style and of his practical religious zeal we are able to judge from the thirteen homilies on the Christian life and character which have been edited and translated by Budge (London, 1894).