Sentence Examples with the word buckwheat

See, the fifth company is turning into the village already... they will have their buckwheat cooked before we reach our quarters.

Barley and buckwheat are grown chiefly in the east part of the lower peninsula south of Saginaw Bay.

At the lower elevations rice, maize and millets are common, wheat and barley at a somewhat higher level, and buckwheat and amaranth usually on the poorer lands, or those recently reclaimed from forest.

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Among cereals of less importance are buckwheat (in the mountainous regions of the north), millets, including both the common millet (Panicum miliaceuin) and the so-called Indian millet (Sorghum vulgare, the joan of India, the durrah of Africa), and even (in La Mancha) guinea-corn (Penicillaria spicata).

The crop of buckwheat was 499,000 bushels (grown on 22,000 acres).

Wheat, rye, barley and oats are cultivated everywhere, but spelt only in the south and buckwheat in the north and north-west.

The product of Indian corn was 48,800,000 bushels in 1909; of wheat 26,265,000 bushels; of oats 25,948,000 bushels; of barley 196,000 bushels; of rye 5,508,000 bushels; and of buckwheat 5,665,000 bushels.

The buckwheat belt extends S.W.

Cultivation hardly extends above 7000 ft., except in the valleys behind the great snowy peaks, where a few fields of buckwheat and Tibetan barley are sown up to 11,000 or 12,000 ft.

When this happens there is great suffering from famine, for wheat is the crop upon which the people principally depend, though rye, buckwheat and oats are also cultivated.