Sentence Examples with the word buckle

The western belt buckle at his waist traced the masculine swing of his stride.

HENRY THOMAS BUCKLE (1821-1862), English historian, author of the History of Civilization, the son of Thomas Henry Buckle, a wealthy London merchant, was born at Lee, in Kent, on the 24th of November 1821.

Where the central oceanic buckle attains the water-line we have our oceanic islands, seen in our type ocean, as St Helena and the Azores.

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Her gaze continued up to the large western belt buckle that hugged his flat abdomen.

The large western belt buckle at his lean waist moved with the graceful rhythm of his stride.

The burn, which divides the town into Nether Buckle and Eastern Buckie, rises near the Hill of Clashmadin, about 5 m.

The large belt buckle at his lean waist lay flat against a washboard stomach.

Provoke him, and he will buckle to a shark.

Carmen didn't buckle her seat belt.

For answer Zeb began to unfasten Jim's harness, strap by strap, and to buckle one piece to another until he had made a long leather strip that would reach to the ground.