Sentence Examples with the word bryozoa

The Oamaru limestones have been largely used for building stones; they are a pure white limestone, largely made up of foraminifera, bryozoa and shell fragments, and contain the teeth of sharks (e.g.

The Bryozoa were also abundantinsomeregions (Polypora, Fenestella), including the remarkable form known as Archimedes.

In cases of doubt, evidence may be obtained from traces of organic structure, from the presence of carbonaceous matter, or, as Zeiller has pointed out, by the remains of animals such as Bryozoa being attached to the cast, showing that it represents a solid body and not a mere cavity or furrow.

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Subsequently 6 they were termed Bryozoa by Ehrenberg (1831).

Orders: Bryozoa and Rotifera.

Thompson, 1830) synonymous with Bryozoa (Ehrenberg, 1831) for a group commonly included with the Brachiopoda in the Molluscoidea (Milne Edwards, 1;843).