Sentence Examples with the word brutally

Graves, the inspector of the English telegraph line from Jask eastwards, was brutally murdered by Baluchis, and the agents of the Persian government sent to seize the murderers were resisted by the tribes.

Is in the finest possible preservation, but others, after being brutally plundered, were rewrapped by the piety of later generations.

The available evidence points to the irresistible conclusion that on the afternoon of the 18th of July 1762, Peter III., with his consort's connivance, was brutally murdered at Ropsha by Alexius Orlov, Theodore Baryatinski, and several other persons still unknown.

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She was brutally murdered by the same man who killed young girls in Delaware, Alabama and several other states.

While he was negotiating, a number of British subjects had been brutally ill-treated at Bona, without his knowledge.

At this time Charles Gustavus was endeavouring to impose upon Denmark a burdensome alliance, and in the middle of the negotiations he brutally opened hostilities.

Her fall was brutally interrupted by a rock ledge about five feet down.

Damian breathed in her scent, brutally aware that all that lay between her tight little body and him was a long T-shirt.

In fact, at times she had been almost brutally clear that she was no longer interested in him.

In Nasik district, in January 1898, the native chairman of the plague committee was brutally murdered by a mob.