Sentence Examples with the word brusa

In 1365 they transferred their capital from Brusa to Adrianople.

Under the auspices of the Ottoman public debt administration silk culture is also carried on with much success, especially in the vilayets of Brusa and Ismid.

The eggs of the silk-worms, formerly obtained from Japan, are now imported principally from Brusa by Greeks under French protection and from France.

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These princes were viceroys of Kermian and Karassi respectively; the youngest son, Sauji Bey, governed at Brusa during his father's absence.

In the Kutaiah sanjak of the Brusa vilayet, situated in a fertile district, on a tributary of the Menderes, and connected with Smyrna and Konia by rail.

Some of the more unpopular officials associated with the old regime were assassinated, among them Fehim Pasha, the former head of the espionage department, who had been exiled to Brusa in 1907 at the request of the British and German ambassadors.

Murad transferred the Ottoman capital from Brusa to Adrianople, where he built a palace and added many embellishments to the town.

Extensive plantations of mulberry trees supply the silk for which Brusa has long been celebrated, and which is manufactured there on a large scale.

ESKI - Shehr, a town of Asia Minor, in the Kutaiah sanjak of the Brusa (Khudavendikiar) vilayet.

Silk is produced in large quantities in the vicinity of Brusa and Amasia, and mohair from the Angora goat all over the plateau.