Sentence Examples with the word brunanburh

In the reign of his successor lEthelstan, however, they joined with the Scots and Norwegians in attempts to overthrow the English supremacy, attempts which were ended by their defeat at the battle of Brunanburh in 937.

For some years after the decisive battle of Brunanburh (A.D.

There is a tradition that the battle of Brunanburh was fought in the valley of the Axe, and that the bodies of the Danish princes who perished in action were buried in Axminster church.

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The former, better known as Amlaib (Olaf) Cuaran, married the daughter of Constantine, king of Scotland, and fought at Brunanburh (938).

A great battle was fought at Brunanburh (perhaps Brunswark or Birrenswark hill in S.E.