Sentence Examples with the word brownish

On the south coast of the same island are coarse-grained, brownish micaceous and light-coloured calcareous sandstone and marls, containing fossils, which render it probable that they are of the same age as the coal-bearing Jurassic rocks of Brora (Scotland) and the Middle Dogger of Yorkshire.

It is Venetian in character, of a brownish tint, with two white enamel rings round the body.

The protoplast is uninucleate and vacuolate, and contains chromatophores of a brownish colour.

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These are distinguishable from the grey Chalk coprolites by their brownish ferruginous colour and smooth appearance.

Foxes, too, and badger are dyed a brownish black, and white hairs inserted to imitate silver fox, but the white hairs are too coarse and the colour too dense to mislead any one who knows the real article.

The brownish colour of some slates is due to limonite and haematite, but magnetite occurs in the darker coloured varieties.

The upper parts in summer are usually brownish and the under parts white; but in winter the whole coat, in this phase of the species, turns white.

Ft.; it has a straight grain free from many knots; in colour it is of a rather deep yellow or brownish tint, with the hard portions of the annular rings marked in a darker red.

The streak, or colour of the powder, is brownish or light yellow, rarely white.

The pure salt is dissolved in hot water and decomposed with ammonia to produce a slightly ammoniacal hydrated oxide; this, when ignited in platinum, leaves pure TiO 2 in the form of brownish lumps, the specific gravity of which varies from 3.9 to 4.25, according to the temperature at which it was kept in igniting.