Sentence Examples with the word broth

The clear broth held a tangy, rich flavor, like spiced butter.

Evelyn poured clear, steaming broth into a bowl beside her plate.

The observations Bacteria g 5' of Downes and Blunt in 1877 left it uncertain whether the bactericidal effects in broth cultures exposed to solar rays were due to thermal action or not.

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By growing this bacillus in broth a toxin is formed which remains in solution and can be separated from the bacilli themselves by filtration.

They use much pottage made of coal-wort, which they call kail, sometimes broth of decorticated barley.

This toxin-containing broth is injected into a horse in increasing doses, just as in the case of the serpent venom, and after the resistance of the horse has been much increased it is bled into sterilized vessels and the blood is allowed to coagulate.