Sentence Examples with the word brooding

Alex said nothing, his brooding gaze mostly on Rob, studying him, maybe sizing him up.

First, she gets brooding about it, knows she's pregnant, knows Shipton is still alive and won't let her go.

The brows came down crouching over brooding dark eyes.

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She was in a mood for brooding on the past.

For some years after his father's execution Govind Singh, then known as Gobind Rai, lived in retirement, brooding over the wrongs of his people and the persecutions of the fanatical Aurangzeb.

She found him in the kitchen, brooding over a cup of coffee.

Pierre was beyond handsome with his brooding looks, wind-swept blond hair, black clothing, and trench coat.

Lon shouted and waved the brooding Guardian over.

Darian lay on his back staring at the ceiling with brooding golden eyes, his horribly scarred body hidden under turtleneck and gloves and socks, even in the safety of his room.

The brooding blond bodyguard-Guardian driving the Yukon looked at him in the rearview mirror, torn.