Sentence Examples with the word brooch

Over the left shoulder and fastened with a brooch hung the loose cloak (brat), to which the Scottish plaid corresponds.

In many other cases, however, the grave contained nothing except a small knife and a simple brooch or a few beads.

Surveying herself in the mirror, she decided that the hanging pearl earrings would set off a little brooch Alex had given her.

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The vestment is secured in front by a broad tab sewn on to one side and fastening to the other with hooks, sometimes also by a brooch (called the morse, Lat.

The Hallstatt culture is that of the Homeric Achaeans (see Achaeans), but as the brooch (along with iron, cremation of the dead, the round shield and the geometric ornament) passed down into Greece from central Europe, and as brooches are found in the lower town at Mycenae, 1350 B.C., they must have been invented long before that date in central Europe.