Sentence Examples with the word bronzed

His bronzed features were always so smooth.

His white-silver hair was long and clasped at his neck, his bronzed face and forest- green eyes displaying no emotion.

He had the same air of confidence, and the bronzed tan... but surely Alex would have said something.

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She gazed at those smooth bronzed features and nodded.

His smooth bronzed features were sober as he gazed up at her expectantly.

Carmen caressed Alex's hand and looked up at his handsome bronzed features.

They are typical Berbers in physique, tall, well made and muscular, with European features and fair skins bronzed by the sun.

Gray eyes stared at her coldly from a bronzed face.

They are a white race, though often sunburnt and bronzed for generations, and both their children and those who have lived in the cities might pass anywhere as Europeans.

The white athletic undershirt contrasted attractively with his bronzed skin.