Sentence Examples with the word bromide

Boron bromide BBr 3 can be formed by direct union of the two elements, but is best obtained by the method used for the preparation of the chloride.

Chlorates); but it is manufactured by acting with bromine water on iron filings and decomposing the iron bromide thus formed with potassium carbonate.

Formaldehyde behaves abnormally with magnesium benzyl bromide (M.

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In whooping-cough, when a sedative is required but a stimulant is also indicated, ammonium bromide is often invaluable.

CYANAMIDE, NC NH 2j the amide of normal cyanic acid, obtained by the action of ammonia on cyanogen chloride, bromide or iodide, or by the desulphurization of thio-urea with, mercuric oxide; it is generally prepared by the latter process.

The fluoride is found native as sellaIte, and the bromide and iodide occur in sea water and in many mineral springs.

A ray of light is directed upon the mirror, and the motion of the latter, due to the varying strengths and direction of the received currents, is made to write the transmitted signals upon a strip of bromide photographic paper about three inches wide.

NH 2, is prepared by the action of ammonia on trimethylene bromide (E.

Chem-., 1905, 47, p. 1 45), who, by estimating the ratios of strontium bromide and chloride to silver, obtained the values 87.663 and 87.661.

An, matter), formed the basis of benzaldehyde, benzoic acid, benzoyl chloride, benzoyl bromide and benzoyl sulphide, benzamide and benzoic ether.