Sentence Examples with the word broke out

The year before the Revolution broke out he, with some assistance from a man of similar but lesser talent, Champcenetz, 2 compiled a lampoon, entitled Petit Almanach de nos grands hommes pour 1788, in which some writers of actual or future talent and a great many nobodies were ridiculed in the most pitiless manner.

Misunderstandings broke out as to the interpretation of the treaty, and Charles having discovered that the Scots were intriguing with France, fancied that England, in hatred of its ancient foe, would now be ready to rally to his standard.

A special point of attaction in this jubilee of 1450 was the canonization of Bernardino of Siena; and, in spite of the plague which broke out in Rome, the celebrations ran a brilliant course.

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When the FrancoGerman War broke out in 1870, de Cissey was given a divisional command in the Army of the Rhine, and he was included in the surrender of Bazaine's army at Metz.

After the death of Brother Gregory in 1480 discord broke out in the community, and it resulted in very great literary activity.

They engaged him; but straightway upon the ship's getting out of sight of land, his insanity broke out in a freshet.

Sweat broke out on her skin, and she shielded her eyes against the sun before crawling back to the shade of the pod.

Three years later, war broke out on the east of Jordan, and Ahab with Jehoshaphat of Judah went to recover Ramoth-Gilead and was mortally wounded (xxii.).

A revolt broke out in 1447, but the power of the elector overawed the people, who submitted their case to the estates, with the result that the arrangement of 1442 was re-established.

When the Civil War broke out London took the side of the parliament, and an extensive system of fortification was at once projected to protect the town against the threatened attack of the royal army.