Sentence Examples with the word broglie

De Broglie (5th edition, Paris, 1899); Letters (2 vols., Paris, 1882); A.

The incoherent efforts which he made to repair by the secret diplomacy of the comte de Broglie the evils caused by his official policy only aggravated his shortcomings and betrayed his weakness.

D'Haussonville (I vol., Les Grands ecrivains Francais series, Paris, 1897); by Gabriel Ledos (Paris, 1901); by Dora Greenwell (1867); and by the duc de Broglie (Paris, 1889).

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In 1877, after the Seize Mai (see France: History), he was one of the republican majority who denounced the Broglie ministry, and he took a leading part in resisting the anti-republican policy of which the Seize Mai incident was a symptom, his demand in 1879 for the indictment of the Broglie ministry bringing him into particular prominence.

AUGUSTIN JEAN FRESNEL (1788-1827), French physicist, the son of an architect, was born at Broglie (Eure) on the 10th of May 1788.

This was rejected by a majority of the diet, a result which deeply affected Rossi, and induced him to look with favour on the suggestions of Guizot and the duc de Broglie that he should settle in France.