Sentence Examples with the word broadcast

On the smooth surface the seed is sown broadcast by hand or machine, at the rate of 3 bushels per acre, and covered in the same manner as clover seeds.

The tendency to eliminate the middleman has not only brought a good many manufacturers into direct relation with the shopkeeper, but in some exceptional cases the manufacturer, adopting some system of broadcast advertisement and postal delivery, has dealt with the consumer.

Today, the memes fly thick and fast from a soaring number of commercial, public, cable, and online broadcast channels.

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Though thus giving his friends freely of his best, Spinoza did not cast his thoughts broadcast upon any soil.

Basnage had welcomed the revival of the Protestant church due to the zeal of Antoine Court; but he assured the regent that no danger of active resistance was to be feared from it, and, true to the principles of Calvin, he denounced the rebellion of the Camisards in his Instructions pastorales aux Reformes de France sur l'obeissance due aux souverains (Paris, 1720), which was printed by order of the court and scattered broadcast in the south of France.

The field is ploughed when the early rains set in, ten or twelve times over, till the soil is reduced nearly to dust, the seed being sown broadcast in April or May.

Neither Betsy nor I saw the broadcast but Quinn and Martha had viewed the showing.

Two straight days of vigorous outdoor activity coupled with a later-than-usual bedtime caused Dean to sleep through the six o'clock broadcast of Public Radio news, waking only when an extended arm felt an empty bed beside him.

Concessions and subsidies were given broadcast for worthless undertakings in order to benefit the friends of the president.

Subsidiary clubs affiliated to the central administration were formed throughout the length and breadth of the coilntry, and millions of leaflets and pamphlets were distributed broadcast to explain the importance of the movement.