Sentence Examples with the word broad-leaved

Nobilis) and spruce; and among the broad-leaved varieties the oak, ash, maple, mahoganybirch or mountain mahogany (Cercocarpus ledifolia), aspen, cottonwood and balsam are the most common.

The next moment a broad-leaved plant was jerked from the ground where it grew and held suspended in the air before the Wizard.

Planters appreciate generally the value of broad-leaved and narrow-leaved plants and root crops, but there is an absence of exact knowledge, with the result that their practices are very varied.

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The region is heavily forested with spruce, pine and broad-leaved trees.

Longifolius are broad-leaved species; A.

In the lowlands and on the lower mountain slopes the forests are composed chiefly of broad-leaved trees, common among which are the bamboo, the coco and other palms, and the banyan tree; but on the higher mountain slopes pines are most abundant.

Longifolius are broad-leaved sorts; A.

The timber used in building is obtained from trees which m be classed under two heads: (1) Coniferous or needle-leav trees; (2) the non-coniferous or broad-leaved trees.

In Anomochloa there are several nearly equal ribs and in some broad-leaved grasses (Bambuseae, Pharus, Leptaspis) the venation becomes tesselated by transverse connecting veins.

The ancient broad-leaved Gymnosperm Gnetum has a few surviving species scattered through the tropics of both worlds, one reaching Polynesia.