Sentence Examples with the word broad-brimmed

On the cowl they wore a red cross; and a broad-brimmed hat, a staff, sack and gourd completed their equipment.

In archaic art he was portrayed as a full-grown and bearded man, clothed in a long chiton, and often wearing a cap (Kvvij) or a broad-brimmed hat (74Tao-os), and winged boots.

On his long, gaunt body, he carried no spare flesh, no superfluous beard, his chin having a soft, economical nap to it, like the worn nap of his broad-brimmed hat.

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The sashes, broad-brimmed hats and copper-tipped quarterstaves of the men, and the brilliant cotton dresses and gold or silver filigree ornaments worn on holidays by the women are common throughout the country; but many classes have their own costumes, varying in detail according to the district or province.