Sentence Examples with the word broached

Moreover, heresies are not to be confounded with tentative and faulty hypotheses broached in a period prior to the scrutiny of a topic of Christian doctrine, and before that scrutiny has led the general mind to an assured conclusion.

When she broached the subject of putting it in both their names, he had resisted, insisting that it remain in her name only.

So, that evening at supper she broached the subject.

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The plot provoked some lively criticism en the antimatrimonial doctrines that I was alleged to have broached before in Indiana.

It was not till many years afterwards that the jealousies between England and Holland gave importance to the novel doctrine broached in the tract by Grotius, a doctrine which Selden set himself to refute in his Mare clausum (1632).

They'd never made official application for custody, but when they broached the subject with the authorities it was met with less than enthusiasm.

I broached the subject of Howie, seeking his opinion.

Veii is mentioned in connexion with the defeat of the Romans at the Allia in 390 B.C., after which many Roman soldiers fled there, while a project was actually broached for abandoning Rome for Veii, which was successfully opposed by Camillus.

As soon as Dean was alone with Gladys, between her second and third helping of Cynthia's pancakes, he broached the subject of the annoying alarm.

We were an hour into our drive south before I broached the subject, asking her about the tete-a-tete.