Sentence Examples with the word brittle

Dryophilus has sometimes been gathered in mistake for the champignon, but this too grows in woods where the champignon never grows; it has a hollow instead of a solid stem, gills crowded together instead of far apart, and flesh very tender and brittle instead of tough.

The roof was the soundest part, though a good deal warped and made brittle by the sun.

The permissible phosphorus-content is lessened by the presence of either much sulphur or much manganese, and by rapid cooling, as for instance in case of thin castings, because each of these three things, by leading to the formation of the brittle cementite, in itself creates brittleness which aggravates that caused by phosphorus.

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By whichever way treated, the tobaccoleaf after curing is brittle and cannot be handled without crumbling to powder.

The Tempering and Annealing of Steel.-But this sudden cooling goes too far, preserving so much 0-iron as to make the steel too brittle for most purposes.

Darkness clung to the brittle pages, resisting even direct firelight.

They have a shining, marble-grey and brown, thick, leathery outer coat, within which is a thin dark-coloured brittle coat.

Similarly, bell-metal is harder, more sonorous and more brittle than either of its components.

Eleven parts of gold and i of cobalt form a brittle alloy of a dull yellow colour.

Moreover, this same carburizing action of the fuel would at times go so far as to turn part of the metal into a true cast iron, so brittle that it could not be worked at all.