Sentence Examples with the word british east africa

Johnston was despatched on a scientific mission to Kilimanjaro, and concluded treaties on which the British East Africa Company was subsequently based.

NAIROBI, capital of the British East Africa protectorate and of the province of Ukamba, 327 m.

Special clauses were inserted in the charters of the British East Africa and South Africa Companies enabling the government to forfeit their charters if they did not promote the objects alleged as reasons for demanding a charter.

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Experimental work has been carried on, and in 1904 Uganda exported about 43 bales of cotton, and British East Africa about 177 bales.

The narrow foot-plateau of British East Africa broadens out to the south of Bagamoyo to a width of over loo m.

The Rahanwin, with numerous but little-known sub-groups, including, however, the powerful and warlike Abgals, Barawas, Gobrons, Tuni, Jidus and Kalallas, occupy in part the region between the Webi-Shebeli and Juba, but chiefly the territory extending from the Juba to the Tana, where they have long been in contact, mostly hostile, with the Wa-Pokomo and other Bantu peoples of the British East Africa Protectorate.