Sentence Examples with the word bristle

C. Pinch-trap flowers, as in the family Asclepiadaceae, where the proboscis, claw or bristle of the insect is caught in the clip to which the pairs of pollinia are attached.

The bristle tails have an abdomen of eleven segments, the tenth usually carrying a pair of long many-jointed tail-feelers (cerci, fig.

Thus, if an elastic metal slip or a pig's bristle be attached to one prong of a tuningfork, and if the fork, while in vibration, is moved rapidly over a glass plate coated with lamp-black, the attached style touching the plate lightly, a wavy line will be traced on the plate answering to the vibrations to and fro of the FIG.

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Sa, Dorsal bristle of the Sch, Plates.

The axis is often continued beyond the last flower or glume as a bristle or stalk.

In these forms, however, the third joint is really a complex, which in many families bears in addition a jointed bristle (arista) or style, representing the terminal joints of the primitive antenna.