Sentence Examples with the word brisk

And we see a brisk diplomatic intercourse between the scattered Greek cities going on.

Tobacco, leather, linen, carpets and war-material are manufactured in Agram, which also contains the works of the Hungarian state railways, and has a brisk trade in grain, wine, potash, honey, silk and porcelain.

Once clear of town, Dean drove along at a brisk clip, trying without success to engage Martha in conversation.

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Claustrophobic in the dark cave that had become her home, she grabbed her coat and purse and set out into the cold, brisk evening.

There is a brisk local trade in farm produce, and in the linen, hempen goods and pottery manufactured in Baza.

In spite of the wound, he hobbled away at a brisk pace to the nearby woods at the edge of the property.

Besides a silk mill, malthouses and engineering and agricultural implement works, there is a brisk trade in farm produce.

A number of brisk young men began with remarkable alacrity to tidy up the goods that remained disturbed.

Boat-building is also prosecuted, and a brisk transit trade is carried on in salt, grain and timber.

But such transfers of human chattels occur seldom, and there is nothing during the English feudal period corresponding to the brisk trade in men characteristic of the ancient world.