Sentence Examples with the word brill

The more important - that for the south quarter - consisted of ten members, (1) the senior member of the nobility, who sat for life, (2) representatives (for periods of three years) of the eight towns: Dordrecht, Haarlem, Delft, Leiden, Amsterdam, Gouda, Rotterdam and Gorinchem, with a tenth member (usually elected biennially) for the towns of Schiedam, Schoonhoven and Brill conjointly.

At last by a sudden assault the Sea-Beggars seized the town of Brill at the mouth of Capture of n the Maas (April I, 1572).

Elizabeth was alarmed by the successes of the Spanish arms, and especially by the fall of Antwerp; and, though refusing the sovereignty, she agreed to send a force of s000 foot and I 000 horse to the aid of the Provinces under the command of the earl of Leicester, her expenses being - guaranteed by the handing over to her the towns of Flushing, Brill and Rammekens as pledges (loth of August 1585).

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Encouraged by this success Brill Flush ain d g.

The capture of Brill and of Flushing in 1572 by the Sea- William Beggars led to the submission of the greater part of of Orange Holland and Zeeland to the authority of the prince Stad- of Orange, who, as stadholder, summoned the states holder.