Sentence Examples with the word brightly

Half the street was in shadow, the other half brightly lit by the sun.

Lest our picture of primitive religion appear too brightly coloured, a word must be said on the perversions to which the exploitation of the sacred is liable.

Kiera lay on the bed an hour after Evelyn left, staring at the white ceiling with its brightly corded edges.

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The Pentatomidae (shield bugs), some of which are metallic or otherwise brightly coloured, are easily recognized by the great development of the scutellum, which reaches at least half-way back towards the tip of the abdomen, and in some genera covers the whole of the hind body, and also the wings when these are closed.

Higher up the hill, on the very horizon, our guns were visible through the wonderfully clear air, brightly illuminated by slanting morning sunbeams.

Two brightly lit, massive bronze chandeliers dangled at even distances across the ceiling.

If the sun shines brightly I will take you to see Leila and Eva and Bessie.

It is, however, abundant in Mauritania, whence specimens are so brightly coloured that they have been deemed to form a distinct species, the Ligurinus aurantiiventris of Dr Cabanis, but that view is now generally abandoned.

A larger and more brightly coloured species, C. spinoides, inhabits the Himalayas, but the siskin has many other relatives belonging to the New World, and in them serious modifications of structure, especially in the form of the bill, occur.

Bicolor, which are very brightly coloured rodents, with Sciurus-like skulls (fig.