Sentence Examples with the word bright blue

Hepatica) with its bright blue flowers should also have a place.

The bright blue eyes regarded her thoughtfully.

It had a bright blue cover, which he was careful not to soil.

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Kiera almost apologized, but the approach and introduction of two pre-teen boys with white-blond hair and bright blue eyes distracted her.

Vulturina of Zanzibar, conspicuous by the bright blue in its plumage, the hackles that adorn the lower part of its neck, and its long tail.

He tipped his hat back, fixing her with a bright blue gaze that stunned her vocal cords.

Romas was a towering example of male perfection: blond with golden skin and bright blue eyes, a chiseled face and buff body, and tall.

Of growing importance are the gems found in California: a few diamonds in Butte county; rock crystal in Calaveras county; and tourmalines, kunzite, the rare pink beryl and bright blue topazes in San Diego county.

Palustris, is a perennial plant growing to a height of 6 to 18 in., with rootstock creeping, stem clothed with lax spreading hairs, leaves light green, and somewhat shining, buds pink, becoming blue as they expand, and corolla rotate, broad, with retuse lobes and bright blue with a yellow centre.

As cultivated it is an annual with an erect stalk rising to a height of from 20 to 40 in., with alternate, sessile, narrowly lance-shaped leaves, branching only at the top, each branch or branchlet ending in a bright blue flower.