Sentence Examples with the word bright

Her bright spirits returned with effusive thanks; she offered to take the Deans to dinner in gratitude for her afternoon adventure, but they declined.

The Somali love display; they are inordinately vain and avaricious; but they make loyal and trustworthy soldiers and are generally bright and intelligent.

Coreopsis grandiflora: hardy, 2 to 3 ft., bright yellow; the finest member of the genus.

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In the last case it becomes coated with a greyish-black layer of an oxide (dioxide (?)), at a red heat the layer consists of the trioxide (B1203), and is yellow or green in the case of pure bismuth, and violet or blue if impure; at a bright red heat it burns with a bluish flame to the trioxide.

Thus at the North have I chased Leviathan round and round the Pole with the revolutions of the bright points that first defined him to me.

It is no less remarkable for its bright carmine attire, and an elongated crest of the same colour, than for its fine song.

The sky was dark, the stars bright without competition from man-made lighting in the streets.

In the following year, Sir Norman Lockyer was enabled to prove, by its means, the extraordinary vehemence of chromospheric disturbances, the bright prominencerays in his spectroscope betraying, through their opposite shif tings, movements and counter-movements up to 120 m.

Nevertheless the Milky Way contains a fair proportion of lucid stars, for these are considerably more numerous in the bright patches of the Milky Way than in the rifts and dark spaces.

Last October I heard of an unusually bright little girl in Texas.