Sentence Examples with the word brigade

The 13th Light Dragoons mustered but ten mounted men at the evening parade; the brigade as a whole had lost 247 men and 497 horses out of a total strength of 673 engaged in the charge, which lasted twenty minutes from first to last.

He became chef de brigade in December 1796 and general of brigade in 1798, in which year he accompanied Bonaparte to Egypt.

Army (Kutinchev) 9th Div.; one brigade each of 5th, 8th, (Vidin - Berkovitsa and 14th Divs.; 13th Div.

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Lucan had meanwhile called up the Heavy Brigade to support the Light, but it lost many men and horses and was quickly withdrawn.

He accompanied the expeditionary force to Egypt in 1882, and commanded the Guards brigade at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir.

Nevertheless the wheel was effected, the fresh direction taken, the troops extended for attack, and then the whole brigade dashed towards the houses assigned them as their objective.

In the last war against Tippoo in 1799 Baird was appointed to the senior brigade commandin the army.

In the meantime a French brigade had, after a tough struggle, effected a lodgment at Kum Kale.

The rest of the province is policed by the South African constabulary, a body 3700 strong, to which is also entrusted customs preventive work, fire brigade work and such like functions.

The war organization of the home establishment, with its general and special reserves, aimed at the mobilization and despatch overseas of 6 army divisions, each of 12 battalions in 3 brigades; 9 field batteries in 3 brigades, a brigade of 3 field howitzer batteries, and a heavy battery, each with the appropriate ammunition columns; 2 field companies and telegraph company R.E.; 2 companies mounted infantry; and ambulances, columns and parks.