Sentence Examples with the word briefly

He kissed her forehead, the tip of her nose and then paused briefly on her lips with a light tantalizing brush.

The central section of the Great Plains, between latitudes 42 and 36, occupying eastern Colorado and western Kansas, is, briefly stated, for the most part a dissected fluviatile plain; that is, this section was once smoothly covered with a gently sloping plain of gravel and sand that had been spread far forward on a broad denuded area as a piedmont deposit by the rivers which issued from the mountains; and since then it has been more or less dissected by the erosion of valleys.

The Coelentera may thus be briefly defined as Metazoa which exhibit two embryonic cell-layers only, - the ectoderm and endoderm, - their body-cavities being referable to a single cavity or coelenteron in the endoderm.

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Under the present heading it is proposed only to discuss briefly the various types of episcopacy actually existing, and the different principles that they represent.

The magnetic flux per square centimetre at any point (B, B, or 0) is briefly called the induction, or, especially by electrical engineers, the flux-density.

But it will be first necessary to indicate briefly what Hellenism in itself implied.

The graphical methods of determining the moment of inertia of a plane system of particles with respect to any line in its plane may be briefly noticed.

She met his gaze briefly and looked away.

One legacy that ought to be briefly noted here is that of disputed land grants.

She met his gaze briefly in the mirror.