Sentence Examples with the word bridle

The bridle road up the mountain leaves Glen Nevis at Achintee; it has a gradient nowhere exceeding 1 in 5, and the ascent is commonly effected in two to three hours.

Col de la Leisse (Tignes to Termignon), snow (W) Col du Mont Iseran (Bonneval to Val d'Isere), bridle path (C).

Col de la Sachette (Tignes to Bourg St Maurice), foot path Col du) Palet (Tignes to M06tiers Tarentaise or Bourg St Maurice), bridle path (W) 8,721 Col du Mont (Ste Foy to the Val Grisanche), bridle path (C) 8,681 Col de la Croix de Nivolet (Ceresole to the Val Savaranche), bridle path (E).

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He gave the horse an affectionate slap on the flank and hefted the saddle and bridle to his shoulder.

J ulier Pass (Thusis to Silvaplana), carriage road Zebles Pass (Ischgl to the Samnaun Glen), bridle path .

Col Rosset (Val Savaranche to the Rhemes Valley), bridle path (C).

Assuming that a double-reined bridle is used, the third finger of the left hand should be first inserted between the snaffle reins; then the little, third and second fingers should be between the curb reins, the two outside reins being the curb, and the two inside ones the snaffle.

It was symbolized by the Greeks as an old man in a more or less sitting posture, with a goat and her kids in his left hand, and a bridle in his right.

There were no cities or large towns before the arrival of the Norsemen; no stone bridges spanned the rivers; stepping stones or hurdle bridges at the fords or shallows offered the only mode of crossing the broadest streams, and connecting the unpaved roads or bridle paths which crossed the country over hill and dale from the principal dials.

Fenetre de Champorcher (Cogne to Champorcher), bridle path (E) Col de Vaudet (Isere Valley to the Val Grisanche), foot path Col de Bardoney (Cogne to Pont Canavese), snow (E).