Sentence Examples with the word bridal

This is intended to be drunk by king and queen on their bridal night and will ensure their undying love for each other.

Her hair is cut short, and her bridal robes are exchanged for the sombre religious habit.

But Brunhild is ill content; though she saw Siegfried do homage to Gunther at Isenstein she is not convinced, and believes that Siegfried should have been her husband; and on the bridal night she vents her ill humour on the hapless Gunther by tying him up in a knot and hanging him on the wall.

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The Vale of St John, near Keswick, recalls Scott's Bridal of Triermain.

It was named after the second wife of Jason, Glauce, who plunged into it to quench the fire of, the poisoned bridal garments given her by Medea.

She is dressed in bridal white with wreath and veil, and receives a wedding-ring, as spouse of the Church.

At the marriage all the gods were present; Harmonia received as bridal gifts a peplos worked by Athena and a necklace made by Hephaestus.

At this period he also assumes a bridal dress, painted with blue and red tints.

Boys are circumcised at the age of five or six years, when the boy is paraded, generally with a bridal procession, on a gaily caparisoned horse and dressed in womans clothes.

The Reynolds home was the perfect place for Carmen's bridal shower.