Sentence Examples with the word brickwork

Their barracks at Rome covering a rectangle of 39 acres (1210 by 1410 ft.), were included by Aurelian in the walls of Rome, and three sides of the enceinte can still be seen near the Porta Pia, with brickwork as old as Tiberius: the interior (now barracks for the Italian army) is archaeologically less interesting.

Enormous surface of brickwork the heat of the escaping products of combustion, and in the following phase restoring the heat to the entering air and gas.

These spaces cannot be constructed in any other way than is actually done in the shape of the lead chambers; neither iron nor brickwork can be employed for this purpose, as they would be quickly destroyed by the acid liquids and gases.

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But to all such precautions should be added the use of concrete or brickwork tongues running longitudinally at the bottom of the trench, such as those shown at a higher level in fig.

Here are remains of (earlier) structures in opus quadratum whereas the great bulk of the ruins are in brickwork and belong to the imperial period.

Ft., while certain brickwork linings in mining shafts are subject to very high circumferential stresses, due to known water-pressures.

The lateral flues c, c prevent the brickwork from being melted.

Both the types intended to be set in brickwork and those working independently are formed on the sectional principle, which has many good points.

And foundations concrete is nearly always cheaper than brickwork or masonry.

Of solid brickwork set in clay a massive stone coffer was found lying due magnetic north and south.