Sentence Examples with the word brewing

The chief industries are brewing and art metal-working, also printing, metal-founding, and the manufacture of cloth, silk, tools and cards for wooldressing.

In addition to other iron and engineering works, Douai has a large cannon foundry and an arsenal; coal-mining and the manufacture of glass and bottles and chemicals are carried on on a large scale in the environs; among the other industries are flax-spinning, rope-making, brewing and the manufacture of farm implements, oil, sugar, soap and leather.

Their selection for a particular purpose depends upon some special quality which they possess; thus for brewing certain essentials are demanded as regards stability, clarification, taste and smell; whereas, in distilleries, the production of alcohol and a high multiplying power in the yeast are required.

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The industries of the town include bootmaking, brewing and the production of lithographic stones.

There are manu factures of fire-bricks, tiles and pottery, besides brewing and soapmaking.

Dairy utensils and implements are made; there are several nurseries; brewing and milling are carried on, but the bulk of the trade is in farm and dairy produce.

Duddingston (pop. 2023), once a quiet village, has become a centre of the distilling and brewing industries.

There is a considerable trade in wine and agricultural produce, other industries being brewing and malting.

Long story short, there's a rebellion brewing in the underworld.

Malting, brewing and boatbuilding are also carried on.