Sentence Examples with the word brevity

Ziauddin Ahmad has delineated these arguments with admirable brevity and clarity.

He had already assisted Nathaniel Bowditch in his translation of the Mecanique celeste, and now produced a series of mathematical textbooks characterized by the brevity and terseness which made his teaching unattractive to inapt pupils.

It is doubtful whether the brevity of this latter process really compensates for its greater difficulty.

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Or a Nicholas I III., the brevity of their pontificates prevented any one of these ephemeral sovereigns from being a great pope.

But what plays the mischief with this masterly code is the admirable brevity of it, which necessitates a vast volume of commentaries to expound it.

You did a good job on the brevity of this newsletter this week.

The brevity of the note and its lack of doctrinal significance prevented it from gaining frequent quotation in the early Christian literature, but it appears in Marcion's canon as well as in the Muratorian, whilst Tertullian mentions, and Origen expressly quotes it.

For brevity we may call these the periods of wrought iron, of cast iron, and of molten steel, recognizing that in the second and third the earlier processes continued in use.

Giuseppe Ferraris Rivoluzioni d haIfa (1858) deserves notice as a work of singular vigour, though no great scientific importance, and Cesare Balbos Sommario (Florence, 1856) presents the main outlines of the subject with brevity and clearness.

Chi and the latter by a b d e f g, which groups for the sake of brevity we designate as a and 1 3.